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Maternity Belly Bands

Belly bands were created to make transitioning in and out of pregnancy a smoother process for new mothers. Firstly, they provide crucial structural support as the belly enlarges and places increasing pressure on the lower back. Secondly, they also prolong the life of pre-pregnancy (or non-maternity) wear, allowing you to wear your pants unbuttoned without worrying about them falling off – so women can continue to wear their favourite pair of jeans for a few weeks longer even after their abdomen has expanded. Post-maternity, they also help women to slowly transition back into their normal clothes. Do you know what is...

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When To Start Wearing Maternity Clothes – A Guide

When To Start Wearing Maternity Clothes   When The Clothes Don’t Fit Anymore Rest assured that there is no absolute ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ time to start wearing maternity clothes. Most women are able to fit into their regular non-maternity clothes within the first 3 – 4 months of pregnancy, but some may still choose to start wearing maternity clothes regardless. The most important factor to consider is comfort. If your regular clothes are too tight, or you feel awkward wearing them with a baby bump underneath, then you might want to consider choosing more loose-fitted maternity clothes instead. Don’t forget to check out...

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The 5 Best Diaper Bags – As We See It

When you’re out and about with your newborn you’ll want a trusty and lightweight diaper bag bag that can comfortably pack in all the essentials in separate compartments. And it definitely wouldn’t hurt to look as trendy as Kristin Cavallari while you’re at it – but at a fraction of the 4-figure price tagged to her Mia Bossi designer diaper bag. Check out these 5 reliable diaper bags, and remember that the best diaper bag doesn’t mean the most expensive one! The Best Diaper Bags – As We See It   Petunia Pickle Bottom Cosmo Carryall Diaper Bag This is our favorite bag from the popular Petunia Pickle Bottom...

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