Deciding what to wear for your maternity photo shoot can be a minefield, especially in the age of social media.

The thing is, some of us have become quite accustomed to photographing every aspect of our lives; from university to marriage, to after-work drinks, we’re capturing and sharing more than ever, and for the lucky ones, looking oh-so radiant doing it.

For the not so photogenic, however, the thought of complimenting that ‘I’m pregnant!’ milestone with gorgeous pictures – think husband kissing bump and gleefully cradling belly shots – is even more terrifying than the thought of an actual, tiny human being appearing in the next few months.

We get it. You’re tired, you’re overwhelmed and you would rather eat cheese than say it in front of a camera (hello, cravings!) But never fear, these pictures don’t have to be sprawled across the Internet for everyone to see, but the thing is, with our maternity photo shoot style tips, you might just want them to be.

At a maternity photo shoot, comfort comes first

This is number one, because if you’re uncomfortable, it will show. Avoid ill-fitting and non-maternity pieces to achieve a relaxed and natural look. You could even take a few shots in your favourite maternity jeans (if you haven’t found yours yet, check out our guide here!) paired with a cute, flowing top.


You can never have too much choice

With all the hormones going through your body, even breakfast can be an ‘I want Special K– no, actually Coco Puffs– actually no, toast!’ tough decision. Stay clear of on-set stress by keeping your outfit options open. You can even ask your photographer at your maternity photo shoot for a quick outfit change; chances are he or she will love the variety, and ultimately you’ll have more choice when it comes to deciding what worked well on camera, and what didn’t.

Classic, always go classic

Warning: your maternity photo shoot pictures will be pulled out at social occasions for years to come. Be it Christmas, birthdays, or your now-grown-up baby’s wedding, that once-super-trendy snake skin belt might hiss and haunt you forever.  To avoid looking out of fashion in the future, go with timeless pieces to avoid any embarrassment. Trust us, your future-self will thank you for it.


Embrace your bump

While the cute, flowing top described above is king of comfort, don’t forget to pack some bump-hugging alternatives for your maternity photo shoot. You’ll want these photos to really show off your beautiful new body, so think colourful tank tops and bodycon dresses for the real pregnancy wow factor.  Plus, why not accessorize with a bump-accentuating belt?



Even if you feel like hiding behind your bump than actually carrying it, now is your time to shine. Be proud, gorgeously pregnant, and don’t forget to say “Cheese!”