Maternity clothes don’t have to mean boring. You can even wear your usual clothes throughout the first trimester and experiment with maternity brands later into your pregnancy! For petite mums-to-be, there’s a set of rules that will help you be at your prettiest and blossom during your pregnancy. Check out the infographic and our set of petite pregnancy style tips below!

petite pregnancy style tips infographics

The Right Fit

First and foremost: don’t choose anything too boxy or voluminous, as it may actually make you look bigger.  Believe it or not, it’s better to embrace your growing shape rather than try to hide it.  That means you can forget about oversized sweaters and shirts, and leave huge accessories at home. Opt for the right fit instead– and not too tight, either!  It’s sure to feel uncomfortable, and putting pressure on your belly isn’t a good idea.

Pick clothes with elastic bands

Trousers and skirts with an elastic band will suit you best.  A flowy skirt is both comfortable and pretty, and harem pants may just be the comfiest clothes of all. Here, choosing the right patterns and accessories is key.

Go Monochrome

Solid colored items should already be a staple in your petite wardrobe, as they are basics that can survive all fashion upheavals.  Make use of them during your pregnancy! Wearing an outfit of just one color works like a vertical line, slimming your shape and creating an illusion of height.

Length is Key

For that matter, stock up on long dresses. Maxi skirts and dresses that hit the knee-length or below will make you look taller. Remember: the longer, the better! You might consider getting a black maxi skirt for an extra versatile piece.

Opt for subtle prints

Avoid bold or geometric prints and horizontal stripes. Huge prints will make you look heavier, and horizontal stripes can make your belly look wider and disproportional to your whole body. Aim for vertical stripes and small prints instead for a slimming effect.

Choose the right neckline

Don’t forget to show off your arms – wear clothes that will highlight your upper body! Make sure you’ve got boat necklines, turtlenecks, and V-necks in your wardrobe, as they are particularly favorable for your body frame.

Dress it up with accessories

All dressed now? Don’t forget about the right accessories. Wear long necklaces and earrings, or wrap long scarves around your neck!

Are you a petite mom-to-be? Tell us what worked for you and share your petite pregnancy style tips below!