One of the exciting parts of building a new life when you’re expecting, is building a new wardrobe. While it can seem like a formidable task if you have no prior experience picking out the right clothes, we’re here to help you figure out where to buy maternity clothes that fit all your needs and requirements. It is fundamentally a shopping experience and should be exhilarating and fun.

While many companies and brands nowadays have their own line of maternity clothing, we suggest sticking to the tried and true. We found the best places to shop for maternity clothing based on deals, styles, and of course, reliability.



Everyone knows about The Gap, but what people might not know is how amazing their selection of maternity clothing is. This should be hands-down the first stop any pregnant woman makes. Before you focus on style and professional attire, you want a handful of pieces that are comfortable and fit well. Gap’s maternity line is hard to beat in this regard and the great prices make it another reason why you must check it out.


The Gap


Motherhood Maternity

Despite the increase in the number of brands that have embraced maternity clothing into their company, stores that carry them can still be difficult to find locally, forcing many to look to shopping online. If you prefer buying your clothes in stores, Motherhood Maternity can be found in many malls and they allow you to try the clothes on before you purchase them. They also have one of the largest selection ranging from winter jackets to swimwear.



Kohl’s Oh Baby line is the place to buy maternity clothing for women that seek a wider range of sizes. They have one of the largest style selections for plus size and petite. If you’re a shopper that often has troubles finding the right size, Kohl’s is your best bet.





While their variety is limited, H&M offers stylish pieces at an extremely reasonable price. While H&M is not exactly known for their quality, they’re always up to trend and this is the perfect spot to pick up some casual items to supplement your outfits.





Rosie Pope

Selling both maternity and baby clothing, Rosie Pope combines comfort and style. If you’re looking for a nice dress for a night out, this is the place to look. All their products are gorgeous and high quality. Of course this means that the prices are a bit higher but if you’re looking to invest a little in your maternity wardrobe, Rosie Pope is a good place to start.





When people think about maternity clothing — style and fashion usually aren’t the first things that come to mind, but HATCH has nailed it. Carrying a wide selection of high quality and trendy garments, HATCH is that place that you decide to shop from when you feel like splurging a little. Their cashmere and knits are a testament to the fact that maternity fashion is far from boring. The price-tags can be a bit daunting, so be careful when shopping here, because we guarantee you will want to buy everything.HATCH

Top Shop

Top Shop is a name known by many and fortunately, they opened a maternity line few years ago. Not much else needs to be said about this Top Shop. They’ve always boasted great designs that come at a fair price (quality is really good for the price).




Isabella Oliver

If you’re looking for clothes that are cut well to fit your figure during pregnancy, Isabella Oliver has got you covered. Their stylish options are all sure to fit on you well and bring out all your beautiful features.


isabella oliver


We’ve provided a few places that we think all expecting mothers should look at. Find your style and remember that you don’t have to sacrifice your personal taste and style just because you’re pregnant. Let us know about your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to let us know about where you buy your maternity clothes!