Month: March 2016

Find the Right Fit and Print: Petite Pregnancy Style Tips

Maternity clothes don’t have to mean boring. You can even wear your usual clothes throughout the first trimester and experiment with maternity brands later into your pregnancy! For petite mums-to-be, there’s a set of rules that will help you be at your prettiest and blossom during your pregnancy. Check out the infographic and our set of petite pregnancy style tips below! The Right Fit First and foremost: don’t choose anything too boxy or voluminous, as it may actually make you look bigger.  Believe it or not, it’s better to embrace your growing shape rather than try to hide it.  That means you...

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How to Find the Perfect Semi-formal Maternity Dress

The shops sparkle with sequins and prints, but you seem to be limited to jeans and tunics. The event you’re going to is approaching, and you don’t want to turn up underdressed. You browsed through all websites you could think of, and you wonder – is it possible to find semi-formal maternity dresses for a family dinner, a friend’s wedding in a relaxed setting, or a party? The answer is: Yes, and you can get excited about the maternity clothing choices, too – even if it comes to more formal wear. Have your bump stylishly covered with our selection...

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Stylish Maternity Dresses to Wear to a Baby Shower

You’re pregnant, and the big day is coming up fast.  Not the big day, but another big one in pregnant life: the baby shower.  Deciding what to wear can be tough, and whether you’re feeling uninspired or overwhelmed, this collection of stylish maternity dresses to wear to a baby shower could help you find just the right look.  Turn that baby glow up to 11, and let’s find something that will make you look and feel fabulous on your other big day. Brilliant Prints                                      ASOS printed skater dress ...

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