One of the difficulties with packing the perfect diaper bag is the constant uncertainty of what you need and what you can go without. There’s always the fear of being out with your little one and having a situation arise where you’re not properly prepared. This can cause parents to overstuff their diaper bags and end up lugging around a baby-needs potpourri.


Initially, packing the perfect diaper bag may seem as if it requires you to possess supernatural abilities like being able to see the future, but don’t worry, it’s all about experience and time. The frantic bag stuffing while poring over every possibility eventually becomes brief calculated decisions.

To ease you along this minesweeper of a journey, we advise you to take the checklist approach to packing diaper bags. It’s best to split up the checklist further into 3 subcategories: Don’t Leave Home Without It, Pack Once Then Leave Alone, and Depends On Where and When.


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Don’t Leave Home Without

This makes up the bulk of your diaper bag and contains the absolute necessities, while the other two portions are merely subsidiaries. This checklist is to make sure you have what you need in your bag each time you go out. Missing just one or two of these items can spell trouble for you.

  • Diapers (one diaper for every two hours you’ll be out)
  • Diaper disposal bags/plastic bags
  • Wipes (get the packs that come in boxes and not resealable bags for durability and reusability)
  • Complete change of clothes for the baby (in case things get messy)
  • Extra t-shirt/blouse/dress-shirt etc. for you (once again in case things get messy)
  • Bottles (keep the powder and water separate)
  • Bib
  • Nursing blanket
  • Emergency Information (phone numbers for your family doctor, insurance numbers, etc.)


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Pack Once Then Leave Alone

When we say leave alone, we mean items that either aren’t considered necessities, or items that will last a while without you needing to check every time you go out.

  • Diaper rash cream (don’t get the massive tubs that take up too much space, but get a decent size that will last you a month or so)
  • Hand sanitizer (again, pick an appropriate size)
  • Baby sunscreen
  • First-aid kit
  • Tissues or wet wipes




Depends On When and Where

Sometimes you need to pack your diaper bag according to what you will be doing. Different seasons, events, or duration of excursion will require you to think ahead of time and plan.

  • Extra layers for you baby or a blanket
  • Pacifier
  • Toys, teethers (anything that your baby can play with if you’re going to be out for a while or in a social setting)
  • Baby food/snacks
  • Baby spoons
  • Hat (for sun and for the cold, choose accordingly)


Additional Tips

When you’re choosing the right diaper bag we recommend you select one that has a waterproof lining. You never know when anything is going to leak. While it may make things a bit more troublesome, store liquids such as sunscreen, wet wipes in a Ziploc bag to ensure if anything does open, it won’t ruin anything.

Look for products with multiple components for ease of access and better organization. Nobody wants to rummage through a fully packed bag. Lastly, diaper bags aren’t limited to those that are manufactured or advertised specifically for that purpose. If you have or find a tote bag that you just love and it’s comfortable and spacious, by all means go for it!

Leave us a comment below if you would like to share any of your diaper bag must-haves!