Maternity Fashion Tips

Knowing how to dress your body type is the key to looking great, and that applies doubly to maternity fashion. When you’re pregnant it should be all about embracing your bump and dressing for your body shape, while staying true to your personal style.

Don’t go to extremes when trying to find a style that works, only modify yours as necessary and desired. When you have an ever-growing baby bump, it is a major maternity fashion challenge when you don’t know which clothes in your closet are going to fit; no matter how trendy you are, you’re going to need to plan. Follow our tips to make sure you look as radiant as you feel:

1. Embrace Lycra

If we had to choose only one from all maternity fashion tips, that would be “embrace lycra.” If you’re feeling confident with your growing body this close-fitting fabric will help you feel fashionable and sexy. The best thing about lycra clothing is that it will fit in the very beginning of your pregnancy and towards the end. Look for lycra and other stretchy material dresses and tops in styles like A-line and wrap. The cut of these are comfortable because they end right underneath the chest giving your belly lots of room and are a great way to show off your shape.

maternity fashion tips wear lycramaternity fashion tips wear lycra2

2. No Oversized Items, Stretch Is Your New Best Friend

Wearing over-sized items won’t be flattering to your changing shape, whether you want to embrace the bump or not. Choose snug over bulky, but that doesn’t mean everything you wear has to be made of lycra. Pair some maternity skinny jeans with a flowy blouse or t-shirt for a comfortable and flattering look. Pairing shirts and pants that are both over-sized and flowy will downplay your bump and hide whichever part of your silhouette that you might not be comfortable with. A form-fitted silhouette that has some stretch to it will be the most comfortable and flattering, we highly suggest investing in a pair of maternity jeans that will create a chic look to whichever top you choose.

 maternity fashion tips stretchy jeans

3. Maternity layering with a slim jacket or coat

Layering is a fashionable and money-saving technique for maternity style. Not only does layering look fantastic when done right, but the bottom layer can most often be a stretchy tank/shirt or a t-shirt you already own. A fun-colored coat, especially in pastel, can make you turn heads regardless of the bump. A variation of this tip can be a vest, cardigan, or blazer which are slimming and an easy way to turn a simple outfit into a masterpiece of maternity layering in a matter of seconds.

maternity fashion tips slim jacketmaternity fashion tips coat

4. Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

Read any article about maternity fashion tips, it will always start with an urge not to sacrifice your comfort. Always wear something that is the right fit. If you want to show off your growing bump, but your shirt is too tight for comfort, then DON’T WEAR IT! Wear what makes you feel and look your best. Get inspired by pregnant celebrities and stylists who looked their best at any given trimester. If opting for a sweatsuit is what makes you feel the best, then wear it. Stretchy workout clothes are another great option for expecting mothers, they come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. Make sure you have a bra that fits you, every great outfit starts with fitting and flattering undergarments!

maternity fashion tips thongsmaternity fashion tips thongs

maternity fashion tips robematernity fashion tips pants

Pregnancy style is not that challenging when you know maternity fashion tips that actually work. Share with us your little style secrets in comments below!