Enough is said about pregnant Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively. This post is about amazingly stylish fashion bloggers who might not have made it to the Elle magazine covers but nonetheless inspired thousands of moms-to-be with their creative, bump-friendly style ideas. We followed them throughout the year and watched their bumps grow bigger and their maternity styles mature. Today, we are very happy to feature them in this roundup of our favorite preggos of 2015!

1. Alina Dinh

Our favorite moms to be Alina Dinh Skirt and top Our favorite moms to be Alina Dinh in a Blue Dressour-favorite-moms-to-be-alina-white-dressour-favorite-moms-to-be-alina-swimsuit

Blog: Style by Alina
Instagram @stylebyalina
Twitter: @stylebyalina

Alina’s style is hard to describe in a few words, it’s a unique mixture of cute, elegant, casual, and at the same time very luxurious. We love her blog for unconventional outfit ideas and helpful styling tips, and, oh well, we just think she is amazing. We only wish more moms-to-be were that daring and adventurous during their pregnancies and didn’t shun bright colors and fitted dresses that accentuate a bump.

2. Alycia Crowley

Top pregnant moms-to-be 


Blog: Crowley Party
Instagram: @alyciagrayce
Twitter @alyciagrayce

Full of energy and joy, Alycia makes us all think that pregnancy is by far the merriest time of any woman’s life. Her positive attitude can be traced to her playful outfits and is highly contagious. Watch out. Before you start reading her blog posts about maternity be ready to abandon your favorite sweatpants and baggy sweatshirts, because Alycia will make you want to dress up and go out.

3. Anna Liesemeyer


our favorite mom to be Anna Liesemeyer yellow sundressour favorite mom to be Anna Liesemeyer Blue outfit

In Honor of Design
Instagram: @inhonorofdesign
Twitter: @inhonorofdesign

Anna’s blog is not just fashion – it’s a blog about love, children, family, and everyday happiness. Her maternity style was complicated in its tasteful, nonchalant simplicity that is so hard to rock. From maternity jeans to draped maxi dresses, Anna knows what she is doing. About her fashion discoveries and pretty #OOTDs – on her blog and social media.

4. Caitlin Kruse

Blog: Style Within Reach
Instagram: @caitlinkruse
Twitter: @stylewthinreach

Caitlin’s blog is a storehouse of useful information, so it was really a godsend for all pregnant women in 2015 that Caitlyn became a mom-to-be and started sharing her maternity style tips. Thumbs up and tons of admiration.

5. Caroline Curran

Top pregnant moms-to-be  our-favorite-moms-to-be-caroline-mcurran-blue-stripped dress

Blog: Perfect 10 SF: Pregnancy
Instagram: @carolinemcurran
Twitter: @Perfect10SF

Caroline has made it her goal to do everything perfectly – and succeeded. When you run low on maternity outfit ideas, just browse through her Instagram and borrow some. And when it’s time to do shopping for your little one, come back. Caroline’s baby girl, Lillian, might be only six months old, but she is already a fashion-forward model with a top-notch style to follow.

6. Rach Parcell


Blog: Pink Peonies
Instagram: @rachparcell
Twitter: @rachparcell

Mama of two (one of them a cute white lab!) and a role model for hundreds of thousands of women, Rach Parcell is the one to follow. She will show you how to don close-fitting clothes and ooze that high-fashion vibe even on your ninth month of pregnancy.

7. Sarah Jane

our favorite mom-to-be sarah jane dress

our favorite mom to be sarah jane top and pants

Blog: She is Sarah Jane
Twitter: @sheis_sarahjane
Instagram: @sheis_sarahjane

She is Sarah Jane, a mother of adorable Mia Grace and an ex-mom-to-be with an excellent maternity style. If you think that maternity clothes are divided into two mutually-exclusive groups – comfortable and flattering – check out her blog. Sarah knows how to bring these two together.

8. Alia Preston

our favorite mom-to-be alia preston dress



Blog: Little Mrs Priss
Instagram: @littlemrspriss
Twitter: @AliaMrsPriss

No one wears florals quite like Alia, she truly mastered this exquisite feminine pattern. Basically everything about her speaks harmony, joy of motherhood, and refined elegance. Sounds like something you would like to copy? Go ahead and follow Alia.

9. Lindsay Rutland


Blog: Middle of Somewhere
Instagram: @lindsayrutland

For all those days when you want to look dressed up (but not overdressed!), Lindsay’s blog is a big help. She creates flattering ensembles with simple pieces and completes them with accessories. It’s easy when you have a clear example at hand. Thanks, Lindsay!

10. Elle

Top pregnant moms-to-be 

Blog: Living in Color Style
Instagram: @livingincolorstyle

Let Elle cure your bad mood with the bright colors she is living. We just hope that she will infect you with her dare-to-wear attitude and love for unconventional maternity style. Don’t hide behind shapeless oversized tops, there is a much more flattering way to show your new curve. Elle is a living example of that.

11. Amber Fillerup Clark


Blog: Barefoot Blonde
Twitter @amberlfillerup

Over a million of people can’t be wrong. They choose to follow this “braid obsessed blogger”, as she calls herself, for her flawless sense of style. All eyes are on Amber. During her last pregnancy, she shared some of her maternity outfits and we couldn’t help but fall in love.

12. Kayla Otineru

Top pregnant moms-to-be 

Blog: A Darling Dream
Instagram @kotineru

Our list wouldn’t be complete without Kayla, a person behind A Darling Dream blog and a mother to sweet Kennedy Grace. She might be sleep deprived, but her style is always impeccable. We used to think that maternity fashion wasn’t easy, but Kayla proved us wrong.