What does a baby boy need that a baby girl doesn’t? As it is said that boys are easier to raise than girls somehow, does that translate to having less requirements for their diaper bags? Not really. As babies, there is negligible difference between the needs of boys and that of girls.

As the name suggests, diaper bags are meant to carry diapers, but other typical items to pack for a day out with Junior include diaper accessories, clothing, food and perhaps some of Daddy or Mommy’s essentials such as wallets and purses.

The most important thing to take into consideration is the usability of the diaper bag, as it is meant to help you with your boy, not inconvenience and frustrate you if it turns out to be less than practical. Here are some factors you should definitely not overlook when searching for a suitable diaper bag for your boy!




Enough space

The things you need for diaper bags for boys is pretty much the same as those for girls. Keeping in mind the numerous items that a diaper bag is required to carry, the first thing you should look for is enough space in its interior. It should be roomy enough to fit all the things you might ever want to bring on the longest and most tiring day trips out with Junior that you can imagine – what this actually means depends on you, as some parents would prefer to bring more items just in case. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra space to store more items that you might unexpectedly need someday. 

Organized compartments to suit all needs

Following the importance of having enough space, your diaper bag should have more than enough compartments to keep various items. For instance, it should have an accessible compartment for the all-important diapers to allow you to reach a diaper quickly when needed, down to small pockets to keep loose items or toys for your baby boy. Having such organization in your diaper bag can save you a lot of trouble searching for essential items rather than having them jostled about in the large space in the bag.

Secure yet accessible closures

With all those different compartments in your diaper bag, the last thing you want is to have everything fall out while having to deal with a crying baby. Always pay close attention to the type of closures used, whether it’s zippers, buttons, Velcro or something else. When it comes to a compartment where you need immediate easy access, for example for diapers, it would be good if it just takes a single action such as ripping the Velcro.

Comfortable straps and handles

Since you are very likely going to be carrying the diaper bag either on your shoulders or slinging it around your neck in order to leave your hands free to entertain Junior, you cannot afford to have straps and handles that threaten to give you a rash every single time you carry it! Make sure the straps and handles are quite smooth and will not eat into your skin when your bag gets heavy.

Diaper Bags for Boys - crossbody model
‘Messenger II’ Diaper BagWomen Accessories by Diaper Dude


Since each baby boy is special, it is worth spending time to choose a diaper bag that reflects his personality, or maybe that of his Daddy?

That usually leaves us with three different approaches to choosing the style of diaper bags for your baby boy:

Cool Colorful Prints

Diaper bags for boys usually rule out designs such as flowers (unless Mommy really loves them). Choose cute cartoon characters that are either gender neutral or more suitable for a boy.

Better Be Messenger Diaper BagWomen Accessories by Ju-Ju-Be

What Mommy Likes

As Junior very likely does not know or care about what his diaper bag looks like, Mommy can choose to select one based on her preferences alone. Whether that means she goes for something bright and even over-the-top or simply chooses a design the same way she would choose her handbag in order to fit her image, it does not matter as long as the above-mentioned crucial features of a diaper bag are in place.

diaper bags for boys - what mommy likes
Lässig ‘Vintage Metro’ Diaper BagWomen Accessories by Lassig

What Daddy Likes

When Daddy brings his boy out to play, he would love to bring out the manly side for both of them. A great choice would be to choose a classic black or blue, although it’s by no means a requirement.

diaper bags for boys - for dads
‘Ashley’ Messenger Diaper BagWomen Accessories by storksak