Well, you should be seeing a couple of them. Women’s fashion is especially difficult because it’s not all about what type of dress you wear, but how it looks and what design it carries. Your favorites, and how you rock your favorite fashion designs is up to you, but this article will bring all of your options to one place, in case you’ve run out of ideas or are looking for a little variety.


Stripes are simple yet elegant. If you’re not into the really “out-there” prints but are uneasy with a plain solid color, stripes are for you. But beware! Horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, diagonal stripes, and intersections all affect your look in very precise ways.


Animal Print

Animal Print patterns can go from simple to very exotic. This style has got a whole spectrum all to its own: simplistic elements distorted and rearranged to mimic animal colors, environment, or whatever have you. This pattern can be used in a conservative outfit or one where you want all eyes on you.



Who doesn’t love flowers? Floral pattern designs can add a beautiful accent to a dress or top, and can really set the theme for an outfit. Brighter and smoother colors make floral dresses appealing to the eye, but give more variation than a solid color.


Gingham Plaid

Gingham patterns are something special. Black and white checkered, blue and white stripes, they are accented versions of simpler patterns at their core. However, they are a bit more than that. Light and brighter colors placed against a negative (white or black) help the actual combination of color and placement become more important. And it’s tough to find items that Gingham pattern dresses don’t go well with.



Circles, spirals, rectangles, shapes that curve around each other, and varying colors throughout: geometric patterns can capture the eyes for hours given the time. It’s simple at first glance, but it’s the taking of simplistic shapes and creating a more eye-catching design while staying true to the subject matter.


Polka Dots

Polka Dots are cool. They just are! White with red dots, blue with black dots: for whatever reason, polka dots are just an interesting design. Especially when you pair a background color with dots of its opposite (darker backgrounds with white or lighter dot colors), the contrast makes it all the more appealing.



I’m not crazy about them, but I seem to be in the minority. One of the new trends involves putting those on fashion items. It’s a good way to express your mood for the day. Simileys say, “I’m happy, and I’m confident in my style!” I wonder if there is an emoji with shades on to say “Relaxing: Please don’t disturb.”


Abstract art

Abstract art was always my favorite type because there were never too many rules to it. Sure, you had to mix certain colors in certain regions of the piece, but it was always a bit more whimsical. Put it on a dress, and that’s even truer. When the design is abstract, and one that you choose specifically because you like it, it can symbolize whatever you desire and can really accentuate your style.