Brand: Seraphine Maternity And Nursing Top

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Brand: Seraphine

An elegant addition to your spring/ summer knit collection, our Woven Back Nursing Jumper offers a truly contemporary silhouette. Finely knit in a soft pastel yarn, the feminine woven back drapes like silk over your figure to cover your curves with a trendy dipped hemline. Featuring discreet zips at the shoulders for easy access nursing, this is a must before, during and after pregnancy. Pair this lightweight nursing jumper with your favorite skinny maternity jeans and ballet pumps for effortless springtime chic. Sizing: 2 CAN= 0 Euro, 4 CAN = 1 Euro, 6 CAN = 2 Euro, 8 CAN = 3 Euro, 10 CAN = 4 Euro.

Maternity and nursing top standard

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